I bought a MacBook back in December for about $1400, without AppleCare. So far, I'm about 3 months away from ordering a 17" pro, but in the meantime, I was at my local restaurant today, and the screen dimmed and said that I should restart my computer. I did so, and Leopard booted up and then I noticed that no webpages were loading. I checked to see if I was connected to a working wireless network, and it said that I was. So I thought that I should really quick try to make a computer network and see if any of my friends could pick it up. It said it my computer network was set up successfully, so my friend searched for it, and got no hit for what should be 'Bryan *last name*'s Macbook'. Last time I took apart my previous MacBook, I ended up selling it for $400 on ebay. I don't plan on doing that again, and before I take it to a computer tech, I was wondering if anybody here can help me out...

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Get a PC

(That is for all the times some Mac fanboy posts "Get a Mac" in a vista thread)

Srsly though, maybe a new battery is in order.
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This is like the 20th thread this week about problems with macs. Sadly I can't help you out. Hope you get it sorted out man. Sorry.
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boot it from the leopard install disk and try again. That should tell you if it's a software or a hardware problem.

EDIT: if it's a software problem, just back up your files and reinstall it.
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...what exactly do you need help with? your internet's working now...

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