Hi, Musician's Friend is having a sale where buying a 8 or 10 packs of certain brands of acoustic guitar strings come with a free acoustic guitar.

http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product?sku=993042 is the guitar that comes with it. Is the guitar worth much, or is it another crappy beginner's guitar that honestly reflects the $160 price?

I assume nobody here has played that exact guitar, since it doesn't seem to be for sale. Does anybody here have a positive experience with their acoustic guitars?
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oh really? i didnt know children of bodom were better than a band far more famous and popular than them, cheers for the update

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Well, to be honest, buying 8-10 packs of strings cant hurt... Mind as well buy in large quantities. If a guitar is free, don't worry about how bad it is, just make it your camping/travel guitar that you wont be heartbroken if it gets bumped or scratched.
i would say its safe to assume that the guitar is a cheap beginners guitar since the retail is 159. i never have played anything from that company other than a cheap ukulele so i cant tell you if the guitar is any good but im betting its not worth your time unless youre looking for a cheap guitar to just write with (as opposed to gigging with).
that's crazy i actually just tried a guitar extremely similar to that one today. it's the electric acoustic but its the same brand. my buddy got his for 80 bucks and for clearance (in your case..free) it's a pretty good deal. my friends guitar's fret board felt pretty sandy and bending felt terrible but the neck itself felt pretty good. it didn't seem to hard to press down either versing fretting on any other acoustic guitars, everything sounded out pretty well.
Its probably not going to be the best guitar in its price range. Yamaha, Takamine, and I believe Ovation are the best guitars in that price range. It probably wont be a super complete piece of crap but it might need a setup and such and sound sub-par. Probably will be a hit or a miss.
Yeah, I'm definitely not looking for an extremely good guitar, and I'm pretty sure that something for $160 will be bearable at the least. I go on vacation a lot, and need a guitar to travel with, and strings can never hurt. I have other gear to use more seriously, so I might get this just to play around with for free, with the benefit of 10 packs of strings.
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oh really? i didnt know children of bodom were better than a band far more famous and popular than them, cheers for the update

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Your from the states. I end my case.
10 packs of strings gets you a guitar? I think that in itself speaks miles about the kind of guitar you're getting.

Just my $.02.
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i just bought one i was just looking at an old forum post, and thought i'd love to try it

this one! https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1167620&highlight=acoustic+painting+a+guitar

plus i needed acoustic strings in a bad way. perfect!
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Well, sometimes when you buy a guitar, you get strings with it....I'm not sure if it's supposed to be the other way around...but if you're one of those people who normally buy coated strings in bulk, then I'd say you've got nothing to lose.
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my review of a rogue i recently picked up
better than a first act and a few other brands. of course, it's not a great guitar, but for the money quite the deal.

btw, i had a rogue bass that was surprisingly good. a friend of mine used in to play shows and i never had a problem with it. handy to have in situations where i preferred not to bring my main bass.
Im going to have to agree with mashed potatoes
It doesnt hurt to buy strings, especially when you get something for free with them