ill do an individual review of each song for you since no1 else has reviewed you yet.

The Middle (Cover): the guitar tone in the beginning was pretty cool
it was a fresh change from the original. but man you def need to work on the vocals. drums were pretty tight and held the beat. the only thing i would change honestly is the vocals. maybe change them somehow and make it your own instead of trying to be like Jimmy Eat World. but not bad

Drum solo: your drummers pretty damn good. at first it reminds me a lot of John Bonham from Led Zeppelin and then the huge bass thing hit me man. **** very well done. it takes skill to pull off a 6 minute drum solo such as this.

The Kill: not rly a fan of this.. like at all im just being honest. the guitar isnt bad. the drums are very good. the vocals just arent good though. and they just kinda ruin it to put it bluntly.

Crazy Train: A good song but the guitar fills and the solo make the song. U guys hav skill

Here I Go Again: Im glad you covered this song cuz its a good one. The intro sounded suprisingly good..till the vocals came in. the whole thing sounded very good except for the vocals.

the only thing i would suggest is to fill out ur band with a new singer and a bassist.
and if you get time could you check out/crit my band? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1133087
alright, so you can tell you guys are a young band, which isn't bad...so keep playing and everything will improve as it goes. (ex: recording, skill, etc.)

I hate to have to say it, but the vocals just aren't good. It sucks to hear it, I know, but they just throw everything off. Either find a singer, or cover a band that already has terrible vocals. (cough, cough, nirvana.)

BUT...on the good side of things, the instruments are nicely played. I was especially impressed with the drumming and some guitar parts were quite impressive also.

NOW...just as I should say....C4C. www.myspace.com/ashesofgomorrah
Yeah we are tryin to find a singer so me (guitarist) and the drummer decided to try to sing thank you for the comments, constructive criticism is just what i was lookin for!!!
yea im gonna say this again cuz i wanna stress it (and not sound like an asshole)
you guys are very talented at your intsruments. if you get a singer and bassist you will be excellent!