Hey, so i've been playing now for a couple years and have been looking around for a more midrange to accompany the Peavey Vypyr i plan on buying. Looking around i havem't found 'the one' and to be fair, my £100 piece of crap sounds pretty awesome on a decent amp. I was wondering why this is so i did a little research into my Guitar to find it has a Mahogany body and Neck. So i figure, with a pup swap here, a tuner change there, a nice setup and i've got a good guitar. Do you guys reckon the body is worth the money, i won't be doing much of the modding myself as i don't trust myself so i'll get it done at my local store.

Here's a link for you guys to get a more in depth explanation of the guitar itself:

go for it, it seems like a nice idea.

and besides, if you **** it all up, you wouldn't be losing a huge investment anyway.