Hey, so i've been playing now for a couple years and have been looking around for a more midrange to accompany the Peavey Vypyr i plan on buying. Looking around i havem't found 'the one' and to be fair, my £100 piece of crap sounds pretty awesome on a decent amp. I was wondering why this is so i did a little research into my Guitar to find it has a Mahogany body and Neck. So i figure, with a pup swap here, a tuner change there, a nice setup and i've got a good guitar. Do you guys reckon the body is worth the money, i won't be doing much of the modding myself as i don't trust myself so i'll get it done at my local store.

Here's a link for you guys to get a more in depth explanation of the guitar itself:
if YOU think its worth it, do it. why not?
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You deserved this, Matt.
If you want a SG style guitar with a Mahogany body then I would say so.
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If you want a SG style guitar with a Mahogany body then I would say so.

he allready has it. he is talking about modding it
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You deserved this, Matt.
I think the question you have to ask yourself is: Is the current setup appropriate for my playing?

If yes: Leave it.
If no: Mod it.

I have that guitar also, and I see no reason to mod it.
Reading the reviews on this site , it's pretty damn good stock.
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The Vintage guitars are great budget guitars and perfect for a little moddery. Nice, moddery.

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Yep, it's a great brand, notable for awesome low end guitars. The wood will be incredible, for the price, and the quality of the body and neck will be great. New pickups and hardware will do wonders.
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If the guitar feels 'right' then yes.But try out plenty of guitars thoroughly before you make that call.
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I do like it stock and i believe it's better than alot of the £400 guitars i've been trying out so i figure with a little bit of investment i end up with a £100 guitar that plays like a legit Gibson SG.