Before I explain what I did, I will explain the 'project' I have been working on.
I decided to switch the neck and bridge from a rinky dink small student sized guitar and fashion it onto a rinky dink First Act strat wannabe.

I put the neck and body together, neck facing up. I positioned the entire thing on the edge of my counter in such a way that the body and neck dont need to be held together in order to stay together. I noticed that the neck wasn't as close as it could be to the body, so I put some cd cases under it and some weights on the body of the guitar to keep everything from slipping (I suppose) as much as possible. I screwed the neck screws in and put in a low E.

Every note sounds the way it oughtta on each fret. I did all of this in a stream of conscious way, not really understanding what or why I was doing it (aside from the screwing). Can anyone enlighten me?
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