Ok, cutaways are nice because of the extra reach to the different frets, but are you sacrificing anything when you get a cutaway compared to a regular dreadnought? Is there a difference in tone/volume? Or is it simply the same?
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on an electric i would say you wouldn't notice too much of a difference at all, but on an acoustic i'm not so sure. the science of how sound reverberates around an acoustic guitar is really fascinating, so i'm sure it affects something.

having said that, i've got a dreadnought with a cutaway and it sounds as full as just about any other acoustic i've tried. i'm interested to see what other people will say though. i don't think it would affect much, honestly.
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Taylor states that it really doesn't sacrifice anything significant when an acoustic guitar have a cutaway. However, there are always people who believe that "a cutaway totally destroys the tone yadda yadda".

Personally I like cutaways, but that's mostly from a visual perspective. But of course, it comes in handy now and then.
there may be a difference in some, but regarding the ones i have played there was no noticeable difference.
While I haven't noticed much difference in tone in the dreadnought's I've played with and without cutaways (other than the tone the guitar has itself). Some people like them, some don't, I don't think there's too much of a difference in tone...it's probably like about as noticeable as different bridge pins or something of the sort, I dunno Really. Most people probably can't tell the difference.
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