I'm looking to get my first delay pedal. My months of trawling through youtube, ebay, pro guitar shop and reviews on here and harmony central have yielded me with a few possible options. Budget, you ask? Hopefully not over 150 USD. First I'll state what I'm looking for in a delay pedal.

1. Warm repeats, but not too distorted as to lose tone, so I can do the whole harmony thing (think Steve Vai on the Boy From Seattle solo).
2. Long delay times, say up to 900ms (mostly for same reason as 1.).
3. Something that can self-oscillate.

From what I've heard of true analog delays, as you increase the time, the clarity of the repeats distort. This would probably be self-defeating for my purposes. But still, I decided to check out a few true analog delay pedals anyway.

First I checked out the MXR Carbon Copy (600ms), and have been put off it slightly due to the almost too warm and distorted repeats; that and I've heard there are big issues with its reliability. Next - the EHX Memory Boy, and that just has way too many different settings and in-built effects for my taste. And it only goes up to 550ms.

So then I decided to have a look for digital and/or analog-emulating delays. Here's what I've narrowed it down to:

a) EHX #1 Echo
b) Boss DD-7
c) Biyang AD-8 "analog" delay

These satisfy the basic requirements I need in a pedal, with the exception that the #1 Echo and DD-7's digital repeats aren't warm enough for what I want, and the analog-modelling on the DD-7 only goes up to 300ms, from what I've heard. Plus the DD-7 is quite a bit more expensive.

So, we get to the Biyang AD-8. This reportedly uses some analog circuitry to emulate an analog delay pedal. Now, I really like the way this thing has warm repeats without losing clarity. Plus it can go up to 1100ms, and because it's not a true analog delay, it should hold most of the clarity. This guy's using what looks like the AD-7, but from looking through reviews, it seems that the AD-8 is an improvement on its predecessor, especially when used with distortion. And after hearing the AD-8 clean and dirty, it seems pretty good, and reviews on harmony central indicate that it is pretty well built and reliable. Plus it's rather inexpensive.

So guys, what do you think? Advice? Opinions? Any experience with this pedal, or Biyang in general? Any other recommendations based on my needs?

(As an afterthought, I play through an Epi LP standard into an mg15, but being a delay, the sound shouldn't vary THAT much from amp to amp and guitar to guitar, should it?)
I normally prefer analog pedals, but for Delay I personally think that Digital is the way to go..

As for what you want, I wanted a DD-7, it's similar to my boss me-50 and the delay on that can go really long, delay sound should exactly as you play them (advantage of digital, I suppose)
I don't know about self-oscillating, but if you've been looking at it then I'm sure it's fine.
Plus i've used it to do the Turn It Again (RHCP) solo before, so I can tell you it's good for self-harmonizing.
DD-7 will be a little more expensive though D:
But it has an awesome reverse feature so..
lol, help I helped slightly ^-^;
The MG15 has no effects loop, so that might affect how it sounds quite a bit...

And I recommend the DigiTech Hardwire DL-8. Beats the BOSS in sound quality, IMO (I just love the tape echo simulation on it) and all of its simulations can oscillate (yes, even the actual digital part, but it oscillates in a weird way).
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t.c. electronic nova repeater. it's $170, but it's worth it. maybe also try the tech 21 boost d.l.a., or perhaps the hardwire dl-8. those last two are about $150.
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Has anyone had a look at the Biyang one? For the price, features and apparent quality I'm seriously considering it.

(But still, thanks for all your recommendations, guys. I'll check all those pedals out before I buy anything. )
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Yeah, that's one major plus of the DD-7 - it has a billion and one different features. I don't know how many of them I'd end up using practically though...

You'd be surprised, hahaha.
Im saving for a dd-7 and trying to get similar sounds to you
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Mm...the Nova Repeater sounds like a great pedal but 200USD inc. shipping off Pro Guitar Shop is too much over my budget at the moment. I'll probably sit back on this for a little while longer and see how things go.

Thanks for all the suggestions, guys!