Ok, I used to want a talkbox badly and any info I found didn't help.. Some people said you NEED an amp with a separate head/cab, some people said you NEED a PA system... You don't. So I finally got one, and I want to say some things so anyone looking for one can just search, find this thread and be done with it.


If you play live, then YES you need a PA, if you are just doing it for bedroom playing, my talkbox is more then loud enough at 1/4 volume, so I don't use a PA and it's perfect. Don't treat a talkbox as an effect pedal, treat it as vocals, except you need the instrument to make it work. So you can sing in your room, but singing without a mic in a stadium is gonna need some amplification.

2) Depending on what talkbox you get (I got Rocktron Banshee 1), you will NOT need an amazing amp.

Literally the setup for my bedroom talkboxing is this:

I need: Talkbox, power adapter for talkbox, guitar cable, guitar.

Plug the talkbox into the power, plug the guitar into the talkbox, and just like that it works perfect. It won't work like this with all talkboxes, but the Banshee it does. I got it set, though, so I can just switch off the talkbox and the sound comes out of my amp, but when I switch it on, the sound comes out of the tube. Simple.

These are the 2 most important things and I hope anyone looking for a talkbox buys the Banshee or similar because it's a breeze.

Really if you want this type of setup for a talkbox you have to look at 2 things. Does it have an internal horn driver? Does it have an internal preamp? If yes to both, then your setup will be the exact same.
I also own a Banshee that I (try to) use with keyboards.
You can use it in front of the amp, by switching the pedal off, the signal is then fed to your amp, when switched on the signal goes through the pedal and through the tube. You can use it live if you have a PA or a mic amp.
Wait, I'm confused here so this might sound like a stupid question, but when you turn it on does the sound go through the tube and then out through your amp afterwards?
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When it's on: Guitar - Talkbox - Tube - (Possible Mic) - (Possible Mic Amp)
When it's off (bypass): Guitar - Talkbox (bypass) - Amp
When it's on the sound only comes out of the tube, when it's off, assuming you got it hooked up like an effect pedal, then the sound will bypass through it, no sound will come out of the tube, and your sound will come out of the amp as normal.
This is insanely neat information, now I want a talkbox. hehe, I might not have much use for it at first but effects pedals always inspire me to play outside of the box at some point or another.
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The cool thing about it is that it works like a wah, flanger, phaser, yaya, and of course, talking. Takes some practise to talk, but it's really fun. I personally only bought one because musiciansfriend.com is having an august sale and it's only like $140.

Just for the record, you can use this without an amp all together.