So I dicided to finally upgrade my amp. Currently I have a peavey rage 150 (first amp) and I play alot of metalcore, as I lay dying, august burns red, and I need an amp that can give me the sound I'm looking for. Currently I'm looking at either the randall RG50TC or the Line 6 Spider 3, but which is better, and why?
the RG is by far the better amp. the Line 6 is very digital and a all around genraly bad amp. the RG will serve you well for your styles
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Go with the Randall, if you want some reasons, just use the search bar and you will find that the general consensus of UG will despise Line 6 Spiders.
Are you kidding? There is no contest... The Randall completely destroys the Line 6.
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thats wat i thought. the fact that the Randall was 500 dollars more kinda gave it away, but i had also heard alot of good stuff about the spider 3. Ill go with the Randall.