well im gonna be performing at my first gig on saturday dont know if i should be nervous or not hahaha. im excited and nervous at the same time! well anyways, i was wondering if you guys could give me some tips?
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try not thinking about messing up and just relax. ull do fine =)
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Alternate keeping contact with your band mates with making contact with the audience-- look about a foot over the tops of their heads- that way you arent making akward eye contact, but you're not staring at your feet, in your own world.
Just treat it how you treat jamming by yourself. just get into it! but try to get the audience involved somehow
Take two guitars. If one cuts out, make sure the rest of your band keep playing while you get your backup. The night before, check all your cables and amps, etc. are working. If you have active pickups in your guitar, change the battery.

Just imagine as if no one's there and you were just rehearsing with your bandmates.