So i added another spring to the back of my guitar (5 now)

I had to add another when i went up a gauge, and my action seemed to go higher a few days ago (prob just me)

I tightend the 2 bolts next to the bridge and lowered the bridge, it's now about 2-4mm away from the body, but my action is perfect now

I'm just wondering if it's good to have the bridge so close to the body?

I don't use tremolo

I will up pics if needed on the springs / claw arm etc if needed

Everything looks fine to me, but i'm just wondering if i did anything wrong

This is prob a unnecessary thread but i'd rather play it safe
hm. maybe i'm just picturing this wrong in my head, but most of the time bridges are flush with the body. if your action is ok you'll probably be alright. as long as it feels alright to you. you might want to take it to get it setup if you're feeling like there could be some damage. it's a good idea to get a guitar setup every now and then anyway, especially if you're changing string gauges on a guitar with any type of floyd
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