"The Mexican in Progtown" - The extended version with an extra 4 minutes tacked on.

One of the longest recordings I've made, lots of good riffage with suboctaver and plenty of latin influence and acoustic goodness, hopefully takes you on a journey. I'm quite proud of this one.

Specifically designed to keep you interested the whole time, and to break faces with riffs.

As always, C4C. Song in the profile.

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i've definately listened to this before haha. i love the octaver . the rif***e is really good. this reminds me alot of Zappa...really good. i love how complex your writing. i love the soloing especially when you get the harmonized guitars going. is that a phaser you're using on the guitar doing chords? it's sounds really good...it's like...off to the right. dude, you're a great guitarist wish i was that good. at least i can use the singer excuse. OMG clean guitar, *orgasm face* i really love the spanishy clean part. this has really good quality and mixing what equipment are you using? the stuff after the clean part is really good. i love how you pick up the pass and really bring it to a rocking finale sounding deal! ooh, breakdown time haha. epic i may be in love. do you have a cd?
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The intro reminds me of the music from the Guilty Gear games. Especially the guitar tone and solos everywhere. Maybe it's just my laptop, but the track has some fuzz.

But overall, I love the tone, the progression, and it does keep you interested for the 8 minutes. Mission accomplished?
You definitely have some serious guitar playing chops As soon as I heard it I knew you were a Dream Theater fan because it was easy to hear that your guitar playing is very inspired by John Petrucci. I think everything is good, the riffs connects well, the song is very varied and I especially like the part that begins at 2.53 and ends at 3.20, it really reminds me of one of those songs that participated in the contest DT held before the release of Train of Thought, I believe in came in third place. The song is very tight overall, in some places there are slight errors but it's still very impressive.

If you have time, crit my 8+ minute "epic"! Though it's very different in style, and not as dynamic... https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1181507

wow man. great playing. i love at 321 when it just stops for a second. i loved that part. good riffs. when i first heard 8 min i though no way will i listen to all of that. and you know what, i listend to it all. that was amazing i love the sound. this is great stuff. i too am in love. at 430 i like how it slows down. its like 4 songs that connect into eachother in great music sex of some kind. lol nice job man.

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1181917
damn, loving the technical aspect of the guitar riffs. very complex, very meticulous. liking the use of the acoustic also, adds character. sorry i don't have much to say :/ overall good job man
nice dude, I like it. It sounds like theres a million different things going on though! haha.

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Whoa, that was epic! Clearly you are a great musician. Everything sounds very technical. The breakdowns are awesome. I love the "linear" structure of the song.

I love the part that comes in around 1:55. Nice Nintendo-style harmonies around 2:50 Great solo at 5:20 (and again at 6:30!)

The lead sound was good, but the distorted rhythm sound seemed a bit fuzzy and computerized sounding for my tastes. For some reason, some of the acoustic parts seem a little out of time with the other stuff.

Anyway, brilliant job, and very creative composition.

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