Hey guys.
well I came up with an song idea quite long ago but I didn't find a way
how to move on with it.
So yesterday I obviously drank a bottle full of inspiration so I continued the song.

What I wanna know is , just if it is worth continueing and putting some more effort in it to make a full song outta it.
Advices etc. are appreciated.

btw, I am aware that the transition after the melodic intro to the more heavy
part isn't good, but I suck sooo deep at making Transitions And solos. ;D
Bar 19 didn't really work for me too well. :P But the rest is great, I felt like it had a lot of good melody and was just kind of a headbanger but with more of a grove. I played it on RSE, to be honest it reminded me of the Power Rangers theme song, haha. But it needs a good fast solo and it'd be great.
are you serious?
ah tahts aaawesome.
i always wanted to have a power-rangers song. ;D
I guess I need to work on the transitions, put a nice chorus progression in it.
and then, write a kickass solo, which will never happen cuz I'm not able to do that.
maybe something cool comes to me while jamming, thats how the verse-riff came to my mind.
These riffs are decent, but I didn't really like how you took away the rhythm guitar at the second half of the intro. Maybe add another guitar? Also the alternating crash cymbals was a tad irritating.
The thing i really liked was the verse riff, the drums were also really good there.

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