Yesterday I bought a really cheap Squier Affinity tele. I really dig the guitar but some parts feel really cheap to me... I'm looking to replace the pick-ups, and most of the electronics/knobs.

any suggestions on what to get for it? I play a wide variety of music anywhere from super clean fingerpicking or funk to heavy distorted/effects driven shoegaze and smashing pumpkins tones

any input would be appreciated!
How much you looking to spend? You can get some cheap parts, but decent quality from guitar fetish store. I've bought some strat parts, great for the price.
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Id be willing to put maybe.. £100 or 200 into it if i had to. I've looked into gfs pick-ups but I might be looking for something a little higher end.
i got a GFS lil puncher HB in the bridge in my Aff. it is really nice, with good distortion (but i don't know whether it fits what you're looking for, seeing as most of my sound is really from my amp) and i got some nice pearl top knobs from there too.
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Oh man, that Tele has some nice grain! Good buy IMO. Get some nice Schaller tuners and replace the pickups IMO.


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