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the jasmine scent floats softly over the ceiling of the sea
but underneath the seaweed seeks a heaven in the deepest deep

the boats float softly over the ceiling of the sea
but deep within the rockpools coral creatures creep

bodies crash peacefully into the ceiling of the sea
but underneath apricot rocks crumble under crabs’ feet

the lights from the tourist towns illumine the sea
and violin strings shudder over changes of key

and baklava sits heavy in the belly
and baklava sits heavy in the belly

and octopus bodies hang from the quay
and the red light of the moon shines over the marquees

but underneath in the deepest deep weird fishes scream.
underneath in the deepest deep weird fishes scream.

Living La Vida Loca

Day 75
Letter # 71
I hope this one makes it to the top.

Dear Angie,

I've long since settled in.
Yesterday I bought a coral couch
and love seat that go perfectly
with my seaweed curtains.
Now all I need to finish the place off
are two seahorse lamps
and a welcome mat.
The food has taken me a while
to get used to,
but the flounder at the market
has been very helpful
in telling me how to hide
certain tastes and textures.

I kind of expected
to have grown scales and gills by now,
but I'm still soaking in the skin
that my mother gave me.
I haven't seen any other humans
down here, though I'm sure I'm not
the only one whose ever gone overboard;
I suppose they all forgot
that they could hold their breath.

It hurts me to say,
but I've been having trouble
remembering your face.
Ironically, the only picture
I had of you got ruined in the rain.

I've missed you love, keep searching for me
and I'll keep searching for a way out of here;
I know we'll be together again some day.

Day 76
Letter # 72

This will be my last letter.
I won't even send it up.

Yesterday I was taking a nap
when something landed in my bed.
It was a note tied to a rock,
and it read:

Sweetheart I've waited as long as I can,
76 days with arms stretched and hands open.
I truly am sorry and wish for the best.
You should have come up for air
while you still had the chance.



Watch the anemone pay for food with disgarded money.
See the starfish grab a stick and learn to fish.
Observe the darkness grow with lingering force
the further down the water you go.
Catch the flickering lightshow in your eyes
as the air disappears and lungs fill up.

Look at the lobster pretending it's a mobster
clicking it's claws at the bad fish.
Listen to the waves as the ocean behaves,
drowning out all the bad noise.
Behold the body of a woman so bloody
it's hard to tell which way is which.
It sinks to the seabed and all things unsaid,
it truly is a sad sight to see.


boats sail on the sea everyday
from boring places to boring days.
sail sail & now again.
and if the odd one's lucky enough
it'll be swallowed by a tidal wave
hours from the nearest coast
and minutes from a tropical rain.

i write letters to you and let them wander on top of the sea
put them in empty bottles
of broken days
and wasted paychecks
i never hear back from you.

condense your lies inside a chest
and drop it out into the calming sea;
we'll each draw a map
(without looking at each others')
and place our bets
meassuring the angles
- of a future task
- of treasures and us
- of gravity and trash

"we've been living under this ****in sea
since we were brainless fishes"

i gave her a wedding ring
circa stone age
and the sun's rays
fragmented by water
made her say yes.
i kissed her & again
and we refer to this moments
as days.

Beneath the wave

If I wasn't bound by chains
I'd probably swim to the surface
But instead I'm alone again
At least I'm not feeling nervous

We're feeling fast and falling effective
Melodramatic and over eccentric
When even the orphaned orcas
Don't want to be our brides
I've skulled down sixteen litres
And I'm still not satisfied
Every time I lied
You lay in bed
The ocean bed
I'd never cried until my eyes were red

All I see is blue
And all I long to be
Upon the sand
And under tree
A beached whale that you'd name after me.

the intruder

under deep blue harmony
waves of sweet symphonic
shades both subtle
and vibrant
delicately warping down
cliffs and ancient structures to
life in its extreme intricately
dancing in patterns of mystic proportion
and finally
seemingly unaware
a single being of intrusion
falls through light and dance
and life and colour and joy
until he is broken
upon cliffs unknown to his hand
and his body becomes one with the sand
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i did. never knew that you couldnt, but why would you post that in this poll? anyways ill just tell the guy whos running the comp not to count my vote. i dont see why you cant though, politicians are allowed to vote for themselves.
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I should give up on comps.
There's only one thing we can do to thwart the plot of these albino shape-shifting lizard BITCHES!
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I liked Green a lot too, but I can only give one life...I mean, eh, vote.

And why do Mike and Dylan have the same avatar?

The question you should be asking is, "Why don't I have the same avatar as Mike and Dylan?"

And why am I not winning?
Blue doesn't need anymore to go through.
so it was between green and brown for me.
Promises meant a lot back then.
Can someone give me a late sympathy vote? I mean, come on
There's only one thing we can do to thwart the plot of these albino shape-shifting lizard BITCHES!
i know i shouldnt bump this and i might get in trouble for it but who wrote the green one?
Yeah, that one's mine.
There's only one thing we can do to thwart the plot of these albino shape-shifting lizard BITCHES!
So who gets to go through to 2nd round?

Both of us?

(I'm purple lolz)

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The number you hope for at the moment you throw the dice, is the one you'll want to keep.