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Up There Is Just A Sea Of Possibilities

I dive
with nothing but my breath held,
trusting in your oxygen.

Pellucid-scaled fishes deviate
from my swinging arms,
fading with the tides of your scent.

In the surface shine incandescent
kaleidoscopic rays, as if your eyes
are looking through my lungs
while I inhale your water.
I can now swim onto dark blue.

Depths are ugly without you.
They lack your touch;
the one they once had.
Do you remember how clear
this abyss once was?
What sign can I find here?
I don’t want your Atlantis
just to send it on a postcard.
How selfish would I look?

As I barely saw my palm,
only a sunray remained,
granting a dying light.
All I see is dissolution
in the ruins of your shrine.

"If you don’t want my heart,
at least accept the will I have
to revive you."

I only hear my gasp back.

I panic to your core
where you could not choke me,
following that dying light
like three kings once trusted a star.
All I wished for was your shore;
to bury myself in your sand.
I’m losing strength, losing air,
losing what my body has left.

I’m sleeping in your bed,
next to your oyster-shaped heart
that havens a beating pearl,
which would reflect a dying light
in fireworks of fireflies,
reaching the skies where you now lay.
And in that moment of do or die,
I’d scream from my flooded lungs:

"Would you marry me, my goddess of the sea?"

The radio said

They’ve closed all the passes to the coast
Boarded up the windows,
Put red duct tape on the remaining blinds,
Turned the air raid siren on full blaze-

In sleeping bags and old torn blankets
In Scuba masks and bibles
In water wings and diaries
They’ve huddled up

By someones head his daughter whispered that she was scared
By someones head her mother kissed her on the cheek, said it would all be over soon

I swear Jesus was staring
In the window across from me
When the water hit the door

six feet under the sea

I plunged into the silent sea headfirst and felt the first wave of water enter my head, hitting, splitting the insides of my ears. Then my nose ruptured next, a sharp filing liquid spiking into them like broken stems from cocktail glasses. I was a bleeding balloon down there, an empty bag of fluid and amphetamines, floating amongst the coral, sinking deeper and deeper into doubt. I hope that blood is good for the coral. Then I turned over and under the sea. I danced underneath the ocean with the moonlight shimmering on the surface from above in warping geometric patterns. Maybe they'd make more sense if I stared into them long enough. They will fade quickly, but for now, time stands still. Every breath is senseless recognition. An endless drink. My lungs are now filling with water, my gag reflex, useless as it chokes out water to be replaced with more water, the last trace of air floating helplessly towards the surface in multiple panicked bubbles. I will not fail this time.

dancing with the crab

i suppose,
there was one toe
dipped. "i can handle this".
like a cancer it crept
at my thin-ankle-bones
eroded stuff beneath my feet
and took away my knees
weights upon my shoulders
mistaken for the sea

this cold water climbed
far above my chest
two words and a gulp of air
hoping for the best
fluid filled my ears
rhythmical silence broken
rather not heard
salt robbed all guidance
and every feeling blurred

all remained was- blue
it washed between my finger tips
swept away my soul, across
an empty ocean floor,
the wind
in every sense


I choked Posiedon into submission,
stole his pitchfork of wonder and
took it for a joy ride.

I wandered from cavern to chasm
staring at wonderous fish and
gaping in awe at god's landscaping.
Everything was so beautiful
every eel in place,
every fish playing its part.

I devled deeper and deeper;
reaching unimaginable depths.
Soon creatures with multiple heads
and glowing bodies were swarming my small frame.
you don't belong here, land-dweller

They pulled the pitchfork from my hands;
my lungs started aching with water.
My eyes filling with the light from the monsters
from the deep. Soon Posiedon was calling me
toward the surface.
Choking me into submission.

It's the circle of life, land-dweller
i definitely agree with the voting thus far lol

edit- somebody actually voted for sienna? not my cup of tea
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Zach's piece has a very different tone/approach.
It was more of an adventure.
As much as I hate voting for him...
Promises meant a lot back then.
more votes in these.

EDIT: and for the record, purple has one less vote than it shows.
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