ok so i have a cheap sqiuer affinity strat, i got in a value pack
and i heard somewhere that if u just replace the pups, controls, and some other stuff.
and i was wondering what pups would work for me?
i play any type of metal mostly children of bodom, machinhead, slayer, metallica, avenged sevenfold, and also some blues
so i need some high output pups, but also something with nice cleans and some smooth highs and lows

my budget is like 100$ for each pup

btw, wat are middle pups generally used for?
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You don't need new pickups, you need a new amp. That is if your using the started amp. As for the pickup, try a seymour duncan hot rails for the bridge and add a coil splitting option for cleans.
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^he needs both.

TS, you are only going to be as strong as your weakest link so at this point in time when you replace the pickup your amp will be holding you back and if you replace the amp the pickups will be holding you back. I would suggest you go get yourself something like a roland cube 15 or cube 30 which will run you between $70 and $170 depending on if you go used and whether you get the 15 or the 30.

Next go to GFS and get yourself some pickups. If your guitar is routed for humbuckers then get a PAF style humbucker in the neck and bridge. Go for the ones that are wound between 7.5K and 8.3K (I haven't looked on their site to see the specs but they will be within this range) and don't be drawn into the higher output pickups. They are NOT what you need if you are using a solid state amp.

If your guitar is not routed for humbuckers then get a set of GFS single coil pickups that are wound to around 7K (give or take) Too much more than that and you will sound harsh and muddy while too much less and you will sound thin.

By going cheap on the pickups for now and getting yourself a good budget amp you should be able to stay within budget and get the tone you are after.
Not taking any online orders.
just wat is GFS exactly??
and its a strat with 3 single coils
i would prefer something like a single coil humbucker in the bridge and a single coil in the middle and neck
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GFS is guitarfetish.com I have a cheap strat copy from ebay that I put these pickups in. http://store.guitarfetish.com/casetof3lilk.html

A huge upgrade over the originals. I'm just in the process of finishing adding 3 dpdt switches for each pick that will allow me to switch them from being wired in series, to parallel wiring to single-coil mode, so it add's some versatility to the sounds you can get. I also rewired my 5 way and switched the middle and bridge positions and wired my middle pickup out of phase, so now my 5-way is middle, middle and bridge out of phase (great squeaky blues tone), bridge, bridge and neck, and neck pickup. For a cheap strat, 60 bucks for the pickups and a few switches is a decent upgrade. I don't know if I would spend 100 on each pickup like you said for a cheap guitar. For 300 bucks you could probably find a better guitar. But I know, whats the fun in modding then. lol.

You could also get just 1 of the GFS rail pickups for the bridge like their 15k output one, then get some of their normal strat ones for the middle and neck, or their noiseless strat pickups.
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