Im about to buy a new distortion pedal so i had a few questions...
Which pedal is more versatile in youre opinion?
Which will more suit for Heavy metal in youre opinion?
Will i ever need to change the tube in the Ibanez tube king ?
Will a Tube Distotion pedal sound worser on a tube amp ? (i know its a stupid question but someone once told me that tube distortion pedals sounds not so good on tube amps)
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I haven't used the Tube King but I played Jekyl & Hyde at my friends place, he had a Laney VC30 tube amp and he used it to boost the drive channel of that amp, it definitely sounded better than any other overdrive/distortion pedals he had (subjectively), and he used many. His amp by itself gave a low gain blues/rock sound, but with this pedal as a booster he got a much firmer hard rock sound, something like more recent Whitesnake or Van Halen. I really liked that pedal and usually I don't like to use them but this one really sounded great.
Definitely Visual Sound Jekyl & Hyde

...and yeah its for rock & hard rock

Tube King will sound more warmer.
The best Distortion pedal i've ever used is the Keeley Mt-2...........From plam muted chugs to classic rock.
Playing on some new gear....review to follow