Okay, starting at exercise number 16 in the Metal Lead Guitar, Volume One book (by Troy Stetina, if you don't have it, just ignore that part and help with the bending please!), it is two-fret bending. Whenever I would do them a comfortable way, say.. fret 5 on b and fret 7 on G, it seems that the D string will go OVER my fingernails and cause interference. Also, if I do the bend okay on the ascend, the on the descend I may lose the sound of the bend and hear noise from the adjacent string. Should I try and be bending the strings from below the tip of my fingers, like, on the pad/tip area? I suppose I can press hard and it may build calluses up to bare with pain and make bending easier/more pleasant. Ideas? Thank you!
Where at with your fingernails? What has happened to me is the string(s) above the one I want to bend go OVER my fingernail, like it's heading up to my cuticle area above my fingernail. I don't want that happening, >< haha
Your bend should take the other strings with it. Practice doing that and muting the half-bent strings. Your hand shouldn't move at all, just the finger you are bending with. This causes the angle to change and helps keep the next string down. Hard to explain without a drawing but a look at almost any Gary Moore vid on youtube should show you perfectly. (Parisienne Walkways is perfect)
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Thank you both for the responses! , I tried one of my other guitars with lower gauged strings, and boy it was a lot easier to bend them. haha. I'm going to practice on that guitar, and it might help a good deal with building up strength in those bends. I'm going to try and work on my finger form also, how I attack the bending. Thank you.