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So here's the deal.

I have a friend flying interstate to see me and some others, it's been a while since he's been over and another one of my mates has offered to take him around the city for the day and show him the sights and afterwards we are going to a driving course to let loose, but I'm working on the day he's here (no biggie, I'm gonna chuck a sickie) I was originally gonna go with my brother to Uni with him and then straight to the driving track, but now I'm having second thoughts about going to Uni with him and instead go with my other mate around the city seeing stuff and then straight to the driving track.

So Pit, what should I do? I'm in year 11 and have never been to Uni before so I've always wanted to go just for one day to see what it's like.

Should I go with my Brother to Uni to see what it's like?
Do I go on the little tour around town and just relax with my mates?

go to my Bro's Uni to check it out? or go on a tour around my city with some mates?
Go on a tour around the city, to the University
Hull City A.F.C

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if there are parties to be had go to the university.

This works for the city as well. I'd much rather go to a college party than a bar though.


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Why not go to Uni another day?
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I voted uni before i even read your post

because i thought you were going to 'chase the dream' and throw away a life at university.

just sayin'