Been toying with this one for months...no bass yet though and just demo drum loops.

let me know what you think

just click the purple play button

"Out of the Silver Screen Demo 2"

My username is old, don't judge me (but old 311 is good)
ok, i like the intro, how it gets right into the song. this kinda reminds me of the hush sound. the singer is a bit pitchy at times, but he's pretty good. drums sound good. guitar is cool. bass would be nice, but i read that you do it on guitar. get a real bass!!! i though that it would be nice if you could have had an uplifting chorus with palm mutes. the chord progression gets a bit boring. i like when the music stops and the picking comes in. i like the lyrics although the starsstruck thing is kinda corny.

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hey man thanks for listening. and ya that's me singing, i'm improving everyday haha, but the real singer is much, much better. and i'm leavin the bass for the actual bassist.

uplifting chorus with palm mutes...hmmm interesting idea. you mean the "i wont say it again if we meet somewhere else" that part? and ya i could see how you'd say starstruck is corny, it kinda is.

However, it perfectly describes whats happening in the song...that i met a girl, and i can't get over how much she looks just like a movie star, and i want to be nice and look at her as her own person, but im just in awe at how similar she looks to a certain hollywood star and can't stop thinking about it, so hence, i'm "starstruck".

and ya she got mad at me the like third time i called her anne hathaway, haha. so that's the "i wont say it again if we meet somewhere else" part.

and ya i'll check out your song now. thanks again for listening.
My username is old, don't judge me (but old 311 is good)
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yeah their should be a bit more variation in the song, other then that this is pretty good, I agree that the instrumental bit where it's all picking was great, coming back in from that was a bit of a let down, i didn't feel much thrill for getting back into the song, I would try and make that segment bigger sounding i guess? all in all though this is a pretty good song
I agree with pretty much everyone else in here. The instrumental part near the beginning was fantastic, it would have worked for variation to sing over that for a while instead of going back to the same verse progression.

The bridge was so eerie and awesome. I think you should have put some reverb on the vocals there to help blend it with the rest. You should take it off once the distorted guitar comes back in, though. The bridge sounded so MGMT, I loved it.

The distorted outro sounds great, but for some reason I felt like you should have sung something at the very end, but maybe that's cliche. :P

Great track, I'd listen to it.

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thanks for the good words guys

hmmm interesting idea with the post-chorus peacemaker. ill take it into consideration..and ya i was very happy with how the bridge came out. Going to sound even better when bass and stuff kicks in..

thanks again for listening.

oh and crit'd yours peacemaker
My username is old, don't judge me (but old 311 is good)
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