Hey guys.
I have a Marshall 4x12 cab with 4x 25W Celestion G12M, 55hz, 16 OHM speakers in it.
I am thinking of downsizing to a Marshall JCM 900 Lead series 2x12, to match my JCM 900 head.
I want to downsize purely for the size & weight of the cab. Does anyone have any advise on trading or selling my cab? I love the Celestions I have & dont want to lose out on tone or volume in any way. Cheers.
You could just buy an empty cab box, and put 2 of your speakers in it, then if you wanted to go back to using a 4x12 you could. Or you could even buy 2 2x12 boxes and put all of your speakers in there, and still have the benefits of a 4x12 with the mobilty of 2x12s
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