Everytime I Pick Up My Bass My Strings Just Click!
Is There A Way To Stop This, Whitout Buying New Strings?
And I've tried Turning My Treble/Gain Down To No Avail.
Can't You Write Normal Because It Is Very Annoying To Read Like This.

And I really don't understand what you mean with "Click". You don't even pick a string? You just pick up the bass and the strings go clicking all over the place?
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maybe he means they are buzzing?
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I thought the "clean" button was to clean out the inside of the amp automatically, so I never pressed it.

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pedals are stupid
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It's probably because you tryed typing with all capitols.

Raise the action, play closer to the bridge, play less hard.

Spelling mistakes aside, this man is probably right. ^
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You are playing too hard and your action is probably too low as people have said. Also work on your EQ and getting your volume out of your amp and not your fingers.

Do you practice unplugged alot perhaps?