So I was pretty shocked to come out of Guitar Center with some pretty damn good service by some employees. At this particular store normally I walk out on deals because the salesman can't keep his attention on my questions for more than 5 minutes but the guy working the guitars yesterday was pretty awesome. He didn't try to sell me any gimmicks and let me try some of the more high end guitars without any re-assured commitment to buying them. Although the guy who approached me first was the jerkwad I bought my amp from last time and surprise surprise he was more interested in getting off in 15 minutes than helping me out. I only came in to browse around but I decided to give the guy a sale and bought a pedal board from him. Any one else have some good occasions from GC?
What I'm working with:
Fender Jazzmaster
Gibson SG-X
ESP EC-401
Peavey 6505+ w/ Voodoo mods
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Good luck to everyone
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I get decent service on everything except pedals. Half the pedals aren't ****ing hooked up, with no amps or headphones, or 1/4" adapters in sight. So then someone has to plug them in, and acts like it's all my fault :/
I've always had great service at my local GC, truthfully. Always knowledgable, too.
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There's cool guys that work at GC. My bro used to go every weekend and jam with a random worker for like 2 months straight at least 4 years ago. He saw him a couple weeks ago at a restaurant and he remember him... It was kinda cool.


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My GC is good. I can return things I bought off there without problem etc.
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Sounds like you went to Walmart

Don't even get me started on Walmart, you'd think they would want to sell a TV right? Apparently there's never any one around in electronics when I want to buy one. I ended up going to Costco.
What I'm working with:
Fender Jazzmaster
Gibson SG-X
ESP EC-401
Peavey 6505+ w/ Voodoo mods
Nah, gotta support the mom and pop shops.
though there is this one crazy emo girl who works at my local shop,
she knows her stuff, but every now and then
she does something scary.
but she grows on you.

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I've always had great service at my local GC, truthfully. Always knowledgable, too.

Same here. I only used to go to one GC when I was living in the States, but everyone there always helped me out with whatever I needed, they were cool guys, and sincerely wanted to help me get the best deal I could.

In fact, one of the main reasons I always loved going to GC was looking forward to seeing the guys. They were always happy to help (or even talk about music, concerts, whatever) , even if I wasnt purchasing anything.
We don't have GC here, but there's this one guy in my local music shop who is thefucking business- if there are any Cambridge people here, if I mentioned Den in Miller's Music, you know who I'm talking about. He should be cloned, then the clones should be sent to the US to work in GC.

Problem solved.
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The service at guitar center usually sucks because of sales quotas and commission. The workers are knowledgeable they just have such a high sales quotas that they dont have time to worry about you.
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