Okay, so ive looked at my guitar and it looks like it could do with a good ol' clean.

On The bridge, i noticed it was patchy, so i grabbed some cotton buds, and cleaned it, it seemed to clean off most of the -what appeared to be - rust (EEEEEK!)

So, what im asking is if there are any products/techniques for cleaning the hardware on a guitar equiped with a floating bridge?

Also looking to polish frets, and tips on that could be useful.

The hardware on my guitar is kind of blacky/silvery in colour, not quite sure what you;d call it, if this helps.
fret polishing use grade 0000 steel wool (don`t use the type with the soap in it) mask the neck 1st though.

once rust has set in your stuffed really should always wash your hands before playing and wipe down the guitar afterwards then you wouldn`t be in this predicament .

use the searchbar there are loads of threads covering this topic
its alright, its not pitted, its just surface.
Im not even sure it is rust, its brown in colour, thats all i can tell you.