Wrote this in about half an hour last night, and i'm not sure what to do with it...

I accidentally stole a riff from Narcosynthesis, by Nevermore, so i decided to intentionally steal the drumsto it to authenticate it. That bit will be removed/replaced, but in the meantime it'll serve as a bridge.

Anyway, i'm here from advice as to where to go next, and of course some feedback on what's already here. Where would you like the song to progress from here?

The Narcosynthesis part is clearly marked, by the way.
Comments about something other than the intimiadation of the bassline would be appreciated also.

Not to say it doesn't give me pleasure to hear that...
the bassline intimid....

I didn't really like the guitar parts, way too repetitive and really plain, although if you did make the riff in bar 45 faster and maybe harmonized it would sound a lot cooler. Having said that they were still brutal as ****, and along with the drums they were really crushing enough to crush death.

Now the bass parts was really..... intimidating.
My favourite part is where the bass intimidates me.
We can only guffaw at all the humbug we are told about martyrs.
The bass is really intim....S.H.I.T

What I meant to say is that this is kickass, loving the bass line (duh), the drums are sick too.

The riff at bar 9 is also good, simple but very effective w/ the other instruments goign.

Riff at bar 19, \m/ , always enjoy your work my friend, especially this.

Narcosynthesis LMFAO, don't know what to say lol

Overall, 9/10. It's missing something but I can't put my finger on it, maybe some overdubs/leads? Anywho great job!

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"Our revenge so everlasting sweet,
Enslave your Children, Behead the weak,
Kill every last Man, Woman and Machine
The cleansing has begun.
Your meek defense is foolish,
we come from the stars a trillion strong."