i've decided (just because i have a job with a good pay) i'm going to start building a pedalboard...

now, i'm not looking for tone and such stuff, i just want to experiment, to create noise, just to innovate (inspired by jonny greenwood, mike einziger and tyondai braxton and other guitar players that use a ton of effects)

now, i really need to decide what i'm going to buy, the basics i have in mind right now are (guitar center prices) the budget is $550

digi-tech whammy $200
Boss DD-7 $170

now, if anyone can think of something that would be more helpful for experimental music rather than those, maybe different models of the same effects or just differente effects.
I recommend you hang around the post rock thread.

You'll want a looper or sampler, two delays, a fuzz, and maybe a cheap pitch shifter at first. The Whammy is kind of meh, most people get bored with it pretty fast.

Remember - more expensive does not always = better for this type of stuff.


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