I'm just wondering how low a low action is, mine's about 2-3mm above the fret at the 9th fret

it just seems... high to me, but i haven't played many guitars before,
string height vary's greatly.

some people like high action, others dont. if you personally feel that the action is impeding your playing you should adjust it accordingly.
According to Fender's manual for thier electrics..

Strings 1-4 should be 2 mm at the 17th fret
Strings 5&6 should be 2.4 mm at the 17th fret

That's just fender, but I think that would be a pretty fair gague for an average action. I wouldn't call that LOW LOW, but just about average.

So if you're getting 3 mm at the 9th fret, that's pretty high.

You also need to consider string gague. I'd say 9 or 10's then the specs in the fender manual should be fine. Any thicker than that, the action should need to be raised some to compensate.

If you lower it and the strings buzz, you need adjust the truss rod.
Here's a link to fender's manual. Truss rod adjustment is pretty universal to all guitars...


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Check out Ibanez's .pdf on their website for the electrics... They explain all their specs in there.