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Spiders are people too you know! *cry*
1 20%
Death to all spiders!
3 60%
i love you
1 20%
Voters: 5.
So i wake up this morning, come downstairs, turn on my computer, all that usual stuff, i think to myself 'what a problem free morning!'
Thats when i see it, fucking huge spider on my wall, massive, i like in england remember so the biggest spider i ever see is 5mm big. and spiders creep me the fuck out.
here are some pictures of the mammoth.

So i devise a cunning plan. heres where it gets interesting.

My brother has this BB gun, big thing, cost him £100 or something stupid, so i get the gun it being the first time I've really ever used a BB gun, missed about eight times. But the spider still stood there, taunting me.

heres the BB gun;

So finally i shoot the fucker in the leg and it tries to scamper off, but another successful blow straight after that sends it flying down to its doom, or my washing machine.

Death pictures;

Where the spider was stood, the leg i shot still there.

Where he fell to his doom

so how was your morning? *sips tea*
SWEEEEEEET!! I have epic battles with moths using a longsword late at night. They shall be defeated!!
He who knows all, knows nothing in the eye of a imbecile.
*friskes himself to check for spiders*

\ /-~-\ /
/ )' a a `( \
( ( ,---. ) )
\ `(_o_o_)' /
\ `-' /
| |---| |
[_] [_]
that is a big mo ****in spider.

I jsut woke up and am hungry, but am lazy so Im chilling.
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I'm getting tired of people making threads every time they kill a bug.

Kill something like this and maybe I'll care: