Hey there,

I am in a two man band called Black Shuck with me being the singer/guitarist and there is also a drummer. We do (unsurprisingly) draw influence from The White stripes as well as the likes of ACDC, Foo fighters and many others. We just recorded our first original recording and were wondering if any of you could comment on our song and if theres any suggestions on improving it or what you liked about it please say, any comments will be received gratefully, thanks guys x


btw im not very good with computers so if the link doesnt work just copy and paste the url, sorry lol
not bad m8 not bad, but i i were u i would:
-make the guitar mor distortiony
-put the micro a little bit louder
-let the guitar ring more in the begining
-and make the solo's combined withe the fast drum a little bit more intresting
buuuuut this is what i would do. if u know what i meen.
besides this it was pritty good, keep on the good work an keep rocking in the free world XD

its not bad. for me its a bit simple, but then again its a two man band. play with a bit more distortion. the solo is pretty good. it seems a little off timing in the beginning. i cant really understand your vocals on some parts so you might want to make em louder if you can. keep up the good work.
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sorry. That had to be the worst guitar tone ever.I really can't see anyone enjoying any aspect of this.

I hate to sound like such an asshole but that was just plain bad in every way.It it really a joke or something?
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