Hey all,

Looking to buy either an Epiphone Sheraton II or Casino...wanted to hear peoples thoughts...

I've heard the casino can provide squealing problems, and I dont want to replace the casing of the pickups...so, what do all of you think? Which suit which genres best? etc. I play everything from blues to hard rock.

Thanks in advance!
Actually, Blues rock and hard rock are very close...

I'd go for the Sheraton II because, yeah, you might get some feedback problems with the Casino, unless you were kind-of Shoegazing musician, then it would be appropiate. Also, you can possibly get a darker tone with the Sheraton, as it's got humbuckers, contrary to the Casino's single coils, so it'd worth it for Hard rock.


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despite similar looks they are very very different. go and try them out for yourself - we can't tell you which will suit you best..

although judging by you saying you play hard rock the sheraton might be a wiser choice - casinos are prone to feedback quite easily at higher volumes because they are fully hollow with direct body mounted single coil pickups - anything more than bluesy levels of gain and it'll probably screech like hell at gigging volumes. Sheratons might screech if you face the amp but they tend not to do it so much, so it should handle hard rock a lot better than the casino. I think that the sheraton is more versatile for that reason.

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