This Question falls under 2 categories. I'm saving up for a bass becuase i already have 2 guitars and one of them is a Ibanez, so it should last a while, so therfore i'm buying a bass.

I don't want to spend more then 500$, And it has to be one of the bigger brands such as ibanez, becuase The music store in the city doesn't carry manny brands.

And also, will I be good using my guitar amplifier?

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Schecter has great basses in that price range. I have a C-4 XXX, got it from a friend for $300 barely used. He bought it for $600 new like 5 months before he bought it. I love it. Just need a good bass amp now
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You might want to go here, the Bass Guitar section.


Be sure to read the FAQ. There is a large list of beginner basses or cheaper basses.


As far as using a guitar amplifier goes, the general answer is no. At low volumes, I'm not sure if damage will be done (guitar amplifier speakers are not designed to handle bass frequencies), but I tend to avoid doing it in any case. This too is covered in the FAQ.
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Using your Guitar amp as a bass amp is really going to **** it up. Hard.
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If you just need a bass and you're not serious about playing bass much, Squires are very nice. I use a Squire P bass.