Hey Everyone,
I'm looking for a Blues piece for solo guitar that requires no backing track. I've been soloing with the pentatonic scale for the past few weeks over a backing track, and I want a piece to be able to play for people without a backing track.

Fingerstyle or Regular Picking is fine.

the thing is though a lot of blues solos are improvised and i really cant think of anything off hand the best advice i can give is look youtube some john lee hooker or chuck berry
What I'm looking for is a piece...i'm comfortable with the pentatonic scale and when people come over and ask me to play something, i wanna be able to play something bluesy for them without a backing track...

what's a good blues piece that i should learn?? I can fingerpick pretty well so maybe some fingerstyle blues??

by the way, i play a epiphone les paul standard if that helps