Does anyone else have their guitar tuned to Drop C (CGCFAD) that practices scales?

From what i've seen is that it looks pretty hard to do. So should I just try and practice the scales in drop c or should I just tune my guitar back to standard and leave it their?
just practice by finding the notes on the fretboard that are in the scale that youre practicing or follow the WH rule of that scale for example, WHHWWHW like that
Tuning is irrelevant to the difficulty of playing scales as long as you know what notes you're hitting.
If your tabs or whatever are in standard, then just move the starting fret up 2 frets and you have the same scale as the one that is in standard.

That's all Drop C is. It's standard tuning 2 half steps down and a dropped C. A fret is a half step.

Also, try to learn the notes of the fretboard.
Scales are the same irrelevant of your tuning - only the fretboard patterns will be different. Compared to standard all you have to is shift what you play on the low string up 2 frets and adjust for the changed root note. (for example if you wanted to play an A major you would start on 2nd fret of the G-string rather than the open A-string)
The only 6 words that can make you a better guitarist:

Learn theory
Practice better
Practice more