Now don't jump all on my ass right away. I know it may seem a bit unorthodox, but I was comparing guitarists in my head, and I was thinking, who's probably the most comparable to Mike Einziger of Incubus? I mean, obviously you couldn't compare him to someone outside of his genre accurately, say, Mr. Shred Shred from super awesome Power Metal Band 9, but Radiohead came to mind.

Think about it, his acoustic riff for Paper Shoes is entirely comparable to "Go To Sleep." They also have similar taste in solos, on occasion. The typical "Einziger" solo can be heard in "Zee Deveel" or "Sick Sad Little World." Have you ever heard Jonny mess with his weird loopy sampler to get similar noises?

Also, they both have pretty good experience with jazz. We know Greenwood's a fan of Miles Davis, and if you've ever heard "Deep Inside," you know Mike's a kick-ass jazz guitarist. (Not to mention he's had plenty of funk experience which feeds into that talent a bit.)

I don't have plenty of examples, but I'm not trying to prove a point. I just wanted to see what everyone else thought. Keep this in mind, though: I'm judging this strictly on guitar skills. All I mean by that is, you can't instantly call Greenwood a better guitarist because he plays plenty of other instruments. (A better musician, perhaps. But we're trying to see who's the better guitarist.)

Let the battling begin!
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Einziger all the way... although im partial to him... everytime i hear that main riff in "echo" im speechless
The silly part about this is that Vai helped him make that one, I suppose. I've always found "Stellar" to be a similar riff, though.

Definitely a unique guitarist though, no doubt.
he uses that mini bar in the D G strings A LOT... in his improvisations too...
ed o'brien created the riff for go to sleep.

and no versus threads.

also, greenwood and einziger are two completely different musicians.
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