I am planning to build a copy of a Gibson Longhorn BV and installing EMG pickups in it. I have not actuall gotten around to building it (still waiting to get some money for the last parts) but I want to know how I would wire an EMG 81X (neck) and EMG 60X(bridge). they are both humbuckers and for pots I want 2 tone and 2 Volume with a 3 way selector switch. Any help at all would be appreciated.


you can wire it as normal gibson humbuckers, get a diagram of a gibson wiring and i'll be nearly identical
Look on the EMG website for wiring diagrams.
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when you buy the EMG's, you open the box and pull out the piece of paper with wiring diagrams for nearly every possible pickup/switch/volume and tone control configuration you could think of and you wire it according to the one you want. seriously they come with instructions.
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