Poll: how did you so in your last exams?
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university here i come
11 79%
i'm outta here
1 7%
dunno what to do next year
0 0%
one more year
1 7%
it was awful
1 7%
Voters: 14.
so i got my results from my final exams in secondary school today so i was wondering how other people did in their last exams.
I'm guessing there won't be many replies here, since the rest of Britain doesn't get results until next Thursday for A-Levels, and the week after for GCSEs
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wayhey irish results today

415 points, i'm delighted...needed 350
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I had an unconditional to uni but I did well enough to get into uni again if that counts...
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I just finished Freshman year of HS, but I got nothing lower tan a 91 in my finals...#2 in the class...suck that bridges!
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