I have an acoustic and I have only the bottom part to put the strap on, so do I need to get a strap that connects to the neck?
most straps come with a string that ties to the headstock just behind the nut under the strings. if you see one you like that doesnt have it any string will do
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you can put it over a tuning peg or tie it around the headstock above the nut...they make attachments for that i think
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^ Tuning peg? I have no idea how you could possibly do that.

Anyway, just tie it behind the nut, under the strings like others have said. You could also get the strap button installed in the heel of the neck, if you want. It's like $1, 10 minute job.
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If your guitar doesn't have a strap button near the heel of the neck, then you need to use something like a string or a shoelace to tie it off behind the nut, under the strings like somebody else said. some people find this more comfortable when playing acoustic, but when I do it, I've always got the feeling that the strap is going to fall off behind me or something (then again, on my not-so-nice acoustic I've got now, it had one strap button at the bottom, and it snapped off...then again, what do you get for $100?). I myself prefer the strap button idea though, more comfortable for me (considering I love playing electric guitar too).

And Like Cap and Obeythepenguin said, you can go to your local shop and have them install a strap button there if you don't have one; it should be fairly cheap and shouldn't take too long.
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