Hey everyone, just got a good deal on a MIM Strat and I'm hoping to mod it and turn it into my workhorse. I know there have been plenty of threads on the subject, but I figure I will get more accurate feedback if it is based around my existing gear. Basically what I have now is a black strat with a white pickguard and a rosewood fretboard. I would like to use this guitar for overdriven blues, up to metal. I use a Crate V18 212 amp, and plan on modding it to take out the bass and "boom". I plan on picking up a metal based distortion pedal and a 10 band EQ as well.

I will be replacing the pickguard obviously. I would like to get a HSH thing going, but my strat only has cavities for a HSS set up. So I will probably pick up a HSS pickguard. I will also need to get a good metal humbucker for the bridge and 2 single coil pickups that could handle blues pretty well. I looked into installing a floyd rose, but that is just way over my head.

Can anyone out there give me some advice? Pickup suggestions? Design ideas? Any comments are greatly appreciated.
Seymour Duncan Invader.

or instead of getting a new pickguard get a seymor duncan hot rails pickup. or a jb jr.
Where the hell did slide guitar go!?!
Design suggestions...

If it was me I'd stick to white single coil and a white open coil humbucker in a Strat I think. You could stick a tortoiseshell pickguard on the thing too - those have a nice 60s vibe with a black finish and white hardware.

If I was doing an overhaul, I'd look at totally upgrading the electronics, nut and saddles too. Especially those last two if I used the trem much.
im not big on trem use, but I will definitely change out the nut and saddles. I don't have much experience with electronics though, how much would it run me to have them redone by a pro?
Not sure, but Strat's are quite easy to wire as guitars go. I would think and whole new parts would only run to about £20 for good pots, caps etc ($30 ish) not including the switch which can cost quite a lot if you go for the very best... you might want to add a 7 position switch and have some phasing or something too.