I'm waiting for the full album to download, i'm just listening to A Work of Heart now, and I must say I actually fairly enjoy it!

Good job
Sounds good. But listening to a work of heart the singers voice has a wierd tone to it, like some sort of effect. I personally didnt like it (mic effect, the singin is good) but whatever. Good song writing.
Forgive them Father, they know not what they do.
yeah, we had some problems with his mic settings when we were recording, tried to minimise it as best we could. cheers for the comments so far, means a lot
Wow, you guys are great, I really like your style. I'm just downloading the EP now, also, on your myspace, how did you 1) get the twitter things under your band pics at the top and 2) change the headers (like "Comments", "Shows" etc.) to graphics?

What are the codes? I can change the BG and stuff and banner on top on my myspace but I can't do those 2 things.
basically you use something called a div layout, to completely cover everything on a standard myspace page, then you build your own design in html over the top. there's loads of good tutorials, i taught myself
Cheers mate, any chance you could send me the tuts?

I nearly done everything but I just need the twitter face thing and also the headers.

Thanks bro and great music! My band is also a pop punk band but we aint recorded anything yet so no content. lol

EDIT: also, how did you get your HOME COMMENT MESSAGE ADD PHOTOS links all in your banner?

Sorry for all the questions I just wanna make the profile look as professional as possible.

Cheers bud.
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