Hey all,

Just a quick question.

I currently have a Fender strat made in mexico and a Gibson SG. I know the Gibson SG is a nitrocellulose finish which is very sensitive to surfaces it is kept on and to straps in general. I've heard stories of materials/straps leaving a massive melted mark to the finish. Now the Fender MiM strat finish seems to be pretty damn tough stuff, I always keep the strap on it it hasnt even got a faint mark from any of the abuse I've given it, placed it anywhere.(touch wood!). It seems like a pretty thick non wearing finish, but I dont know the name of it.

Now Im looking into buying a American standard strat. I am a bit unsure of what finish a USA standard comes in. Is it the same finish as the MiM one where it's pretty safe to keep straps on all the time, now worrying about where I place it for a long time or is it similiar finish to the nitrocellulose one where ya kinda need to be very cautious?

Many Thanks!
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Yes the MIM and the MIA fenders both have the Poly finish you were inquiring about. It's very durable. So you should have nothing to worry about with your straps or stands staining it.
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