I won a vetta combo on ebay for 600$ /w floorboard but my friend is offering me a peavey xxx 212 combo for 700$ /w foot-switch and an extra pair of JJs. I cover a lot of A7X, All That Remains, and As I Lay Dying. I don't care about versatility just sound quality. which one should I get?
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That's tough. I've played my friend's XXX and love it. but lots of people recommend the Vetta, but I haven't tried it out yet.
vetta is pretty versatile, but if u want something specific, the XXX is good at wat it does
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The Triple XXX was discontinued and replaced by the 3120 if that helps you make your decision at all. I've owned the XXX and it was awesome. Make sure you have a good cab though... The XXX will react with cheap speakers horribly and flood them with bass and mids.
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And I don't know about the Vetta, but the XXX also has a very useful Direct Line out to play with headphones at night, and/or awesome recording and studio purposes.
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If you are looking for that 'one tone', don't go modelling. You already got the Vetta, as you won the bid, so take it and flip it, probably sell it for more.
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