well my band is recording some originals on our own (firepod) however we've already recorded drums for all the songs and now we're about to record bass

now i've read a lot of stuff about recording bass on this forum and the rest of internet and found out that the best solution would be to mic the cab for one channel and to go DI box way for the other channel and than layer one on top of the other..

i've never worked with a DI box before and this seems like a very stupid question, but... do i put DI box before the amp or after?

seriously i am ashamed, but i have no idea.

my plan is to mic the cab up with a SM57 so that mids and highs are captured. the basses will be provided via DIbox..

thanks in advice fellow ugers

Best regards, Serjem
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If you are to record both then you actually need a line splitter first (unless the DI box is capable of it). Basically you put the splitter before both devices and run separate lines to the amp and the DI box. But with the FirePod you should just be able to plug straight in on the first two channels which I believe are also instrument inputs.
Most DI boxes have a "thru" output. Plug the bass into the DI box, then the DI box into the amp and into the interface.