i am a beginner
which one is better,which would you rather buy?
and if you can recommend me a guitar amp,for home practice,prices about 150$

i`m going to be ashamed to admit this but the washburn has the better features (only just) only thing i don`t like is the disproportionate headstock albeit that it`s going to have superb sustain, just looks wrong.

but in order to get a proper response we need to know the style of music you want to play

this is my last.fm
that is pretty much i listen to,there are my favourite tags on the right so i dont have to write everything
in short it would be: rock,stoner rock,noise rock,dash of industrial and metal..
I would have to say get the Ibanez. I haven't played the Washburn, but the Ibanez is a decent beginners guitar. Amp wise, either go for a Roland Cube or a Peavey Vypyr.

BUT PLEASE don't get a Line 6 Spider. Regardless of what the shop assistant says to you (because it's in their contract to flog as many Spiders as possible to unsuspecting beginners), DON'T get one. The Cube and the Vypyr are much better amps for the money.
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