okay so i just started practiceing chromatic scales with double time or cut time (whatever its called) and with the help of a stop watch i learned that i can play the scales at 224bpm, now i cant shred or even play the solo to hells bells (but thats not really important right now), now i was gonna ask how to build my speed up (because i just started) but someone asked it for me, and someone else answered saying that he could play this fast using quarter notes and eighth notes and that he should speed up to sixteenth notes and 32nd notes (or somthin along those line)

now here are my questions
#1 how many bpms are 8th, 16th, and 32nd notes
#2 how exactly does that guys advice work (if it does)
#3 why cant i play at 224bpms when trying to play regular songs and stuff
#4 is there a way i can play songs at 224bpms

i know these are stupid questions but i dont know them
(any help would be great)
your imagination is only as colorful as the drugs you are on

BPM means beats per minute. For example, 60 BPM will have 60 ticks of the metronome in 1 minute. Saying you can play a chromatic scale at 224 bpm makes no sense because we don't know if you're playing 1 note per tick, or 2 or 4 or whatever.

#1 - Depends on the BPM you are using, 8ths are 2 notes per tick of the metronome, 16ths are 4 notes per tick, and 32nds are 8 notes per tick.
#2 - You'd be better off putting the BPM up slightly.
#3 - Because you're not playing at 224 BPM because you don't know what BPM means...
#4 - Yes, use a metronome.
ok first of all 224 bpm sounds really fast. are you sure that you got that bit right?
#1 4th, 8th, 16th and 32th etc notes aren't any "bpm's". if you take a metronome and set it on 50 bpm and quarter notes, it will click 4 times a bar at a slow pace. if you set it to 50 bpm but 8th notes, it will click twice as much, 8 times a bar, though the bpm rate hasn't changed. it just gets faster. (pretty sure on that part but no guarantee... =P )you should get a metronome and get familiar with it, and then you should start at a slow bpm rate and quarter notes and check how fast you really can play those scales.
shredding or playing the hells bells solo doesn't have anything to do with playing fast notes. being able to play the same scale over and over again at 300 bpm doesnt have anything to do with being able to play a solo.
your question was a bit amiguous, so you should try to get all of this straight first and then ask your question again a bit more precisely, and then you'll have plenty of time worrying about speed-building-exercises.
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