I'm looking for a David Gilmour Lead tone (time solo), I was looking at the USA Big muff and the Russian Big Muff, but which one is better for gilmour stuff?
neither. he did use them at one time, but the new muffs dn't really sound like gilmour at all. try a fuzz face or a boutique fuzz. the market is flooded with different fuzzes, so it shouldn't be too hard to find one,
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What about Roger Mayer effects?

Edit: or the made by mike Green fuzz pedal (clone of the old Green Big muff, I think)
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In my signature, it does a great job and that kind of sound.
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Skreddy Lunar Module works for me.
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Skreddy Lunar Module works for me.

That's what I was gonna recommend.
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What about Roger Mayer effects?

Edit: or the made by mike Green fuzz pedal (clone of the old Green Big muff, I think)

I've got the Roger Mayer Axis Fuzz. Nails Gilly tones through an overdriven tube amp.
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For the best Gilmour tone I would recommend V1 of the Ram's Head.
Gilmour used a Ram's Head on the Animals and the Wall stuff. The V1 sounds closest to what version he was using.
You can hear it here:

but gilmour didnt use a muff for dark side of the moon he used a fuzz face
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