copy-pasted from a bulletin by Agalloch on myspace

Agalloch bassist Jason Walton has just unleashed his newest project, one that has consumed him for the last 5 years. Now, it is finally taking shape and he has chosen the name Self Spiller. Take a look here.


Vendlus Records will be releasing Self Spiller's debut album of experimental black metal once it is complete. Currently Jason is finishing tracking and mixing the album in his Audio Savant Studios.

Check out the Myspace for an advance Mix of a track from the upcoming album. Also performing with Jason in Self Spiller are Don Anderson (Agalloch/Sculptured), Rob Kleiner (Tub Ring), Marius Sjoli (Indelible) and Robert Osgood (Hollow Branches) as well as many others.

JWW / Self Spiller