Hey guys these are some extremely rough (i cant stress that enough) scratch tracks for my bands upcomming ep. These are just to give an idea for the song-writing etc. not for actual execution of playing lol. The guy was weird and didnt let us use like any gain on leads so they sound very thin. But yeah theyre in my profile and any advice would be nice and ill crit back.
sun goes down: click track is really bad sounding. like drive me crazy distract from the rest of the song lead sounds really good. rhythm is pretty shoddy sounding. too fuzzy me thinks. cut back on your distortion?

futuristic: i don't like the lead intro. sounds kinda sloppy idk. i like the riffs when it comes in to the main song. i felt that the song could have more of a structure, but it's hard to tell without drums and vocals.

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I love the minor chords you're using. They sound good but man the lead tracks make it to confusing to focus and I start to get a headache but nice.

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Sun goes down sounds good but it's hard to hear over that click track, get rid of that so we can hear it haha like the riffs sound good but the click is soo damn distracting

The intro riffs into futuristic does sound sloppy but i think once it's cleaned up it'll be great, the harmonized riffs are kind of iffy though, they don't sit well with me until you start the staccato part around 0:50 after that it's great

Zombie's intro riff is okay, the others were much better after that i think it falls apart, nothing too great with this one
ha thanks guys i appreciate it and yeah its alot less chaotic with the drums. It sounds amazing and so much more clean and articulate when we play it normally. Its honestly the recording but thanks and ill have crits for you in a second