So, after coercing my parents into letting my buy another amp, at this price, they couldnt refuse.

My local guitar place up the street sells some pretty nice stuff and had this lying around. So i figured id pick it up. Sounds real nice, and screams like crazy once you turn it up. Not so much at low volumes, but i play it loud anyway, my neighbors can bite me.

anyway, here is what i got for 300 bucks. Not too shabby id say.

jesus christ thats a steal
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i hate u :P
u got that for 300$? us sure u didnt sell ur arm or something??
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body is all intact.

Only thing im not 110% sold on is the heavy stuff.. Thats why im lookin to get a boost, (I think the crunch channel+good bost will give me exactly what i want in any amp.) needless to say, im VERY pleased.. Now to build my 4x12 to go with the 2x12.
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here is what i got for 300 bucks.

Do... not. Comprehend.

Who the hell would sell that for $300?!

HNAD!! you bargain finding bastard


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Im a regular at a local guitar shop, get lessons weekly, and know the guy previously, (helped a guy totally refinish his building), so needless he cut me a deal. he said 700 total with the 1960A cab, but i didnt have another 400 8/
Its obviously an mg in a new casing.

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Shhh dont tell anyone.

Ill get crappy phone clips but i need to get a recording thingy.
Cool amp. They usually go for around $700 in these parts.
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Damn, nice deal!
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maybe you're not saying the right things? an amp likes to know you care.

Wowzers, that's one hell of a deal. HNAD!
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great amp all around! congrats on the price
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TSL's sound sweet for metal, hnad!
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Im dyin right now, i cant crank it till i re-solder BOTH my guitars, and till tomorrow when my parents wont kill me.